4 Sustainable Practices to Improve Your Lifestyle

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You know you’re living a comfortable life when you only want positive things to come your way, so you do whatever it takes to make it happen. You strive to make better decisions, from promoting goodness in the world to inspiring people to stand up for what’s right.

Part of doing good is learning to practice sustainable choices to better your life and your community. Being conscious and careful about selecting your actions goes a long way, no matter how simple your efforts seem to be.

You don’t have to spend too much money just to live sustainably. You simply have to be genuine about each step you take! Keep reading below to find out sustainable ways you can consider to help you continue living an authentic life that’s free from waste and negativity.

Sending Eco-Friendly Presents

It’s always exciting to give your loved ones gifts during special occasions, such as their birthday or Valentine's Day. If you want to improve your presents, you can begin by giving eco-friendly gifts that are sustainable and ethically-made. 

For example, our new sarongs and kids cover ups are made from fabric left over from our beautiful ring slings. Our mission with these new products is to use as much of our fabric as we possibly can, while creating more jobs for our wonderful artisans.

It’s a good idea if you know your loved ones will appreciate presents that you took some time to think of. If their kids love toys, you can send them handmade stuffed animals for a unique touch to add to their collection. You can also top your sustainable gifts with handwritten messages that make use of recyclable paper to prove your love for them.

Donating Food to Those in Need 

When people attend festivals, they look forward to the food as much as the main program. Whether it’s for religious purposes or not, some individuals and organizations work to donate food at events to give back to the community and help those in need.

Part of living a sustainable life is realizing that each meal you make is bound to make more than necessary. As such, instead of throwing them away, you have to put them to fair use this time! You can think of donating food at shelters and orphanages to avoid wasting food and offering them to less fortunate people.

Utilizing Reusable Decorations

The holidays are one of the worldwide occasions that people tend to go all-in and decorate their homes from top to bottom to feel festive and experience the Christmas spirit. You can live sustainably and continue to design your home as you see fit by reusing old decors and ornaments.

But if you feel like you still have to go to the store to purchase additional decorations, try to stay away from plastic items and opt for handmade ornaments for a more personal touch. Similarly, your Christmas lights should also have LED lights for safer and more sustainable results.

Giving Away Old Clothes 

The clothes you own will only accumulate with each year that passes, including the toddler hats that your baby seems to have outgrown after a while. Instead of holding onto clothes that don’t fit you and your family anymore, it’s better to give them away to people who can benefit from them.

When you allow others to receive your old clothes, toys, and other material things that you own, you’re getting rid of the sentimental value they hold and focusing on what it can do instead. That way, not only are you putting your precious belongings in good hands, but you’re also giving a new meaning to old items.


A habit takes twenty-one days to create—so if you want to start the year right and apply sustainable practices, now’s the perfect time to do it. It can be as simple as sending eco-friendly presents, donating food to those in need, utilizing reusable decorations, and giving away old clothes. When you find a better use for your child’s old baby doll toys, such as bringing happiness to less fortunate kids, you’re giving them hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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