4 Things You Need to Know About Washing Cotton Baby Blankets

Washing your cotton baby blankets

One of the best things you can get for your newborn is a soft cotton baby blanket. Not only are they immensely comfortable due to their breathability; they are also incredibly durable. They can withstand repeated washing and still retain their qualities as though they were brand new. 

That said, it is still important to employ the right practices when washing anything cotton, especially a blanket. This will ensure that your blankets last long, giving you your money’s worth out of the purchase. 

To help with that, we have created this guide to washing cotton blankets so that your baby can stay perfectly warm all bundled up. With no further ado, here are some cotton-washing facts you need to know:

1. Temperature matters in more ways than one

While it is safe to use hot or warm water to sanitize cotton blankets, it comes with the risk of potential shrinkage. Not only that, but brighter and more vibrant colors are more likely to stay as such in colder water. In general, cold water is best-suited to protect the blanket from wear and tear. 

That said, there are still a few situations that call for warmer cycles. The removal of stains, for example, requires the use of lukewarm temperatures.

2. Machine capacity is an important consideration

As much as possible, it is important for the blanket to be washed in a machine that can hold the weight of a cotton blanket after it has absorbed twice its weight in water. It matters not whether the machine is front- or top-loaded. 

When placing the blanket, make sure that it is evenly distributed on both sides to make sure it spins gently. This will make the process easier on both your blanket and the machine.

3. Using a higher size setting is also helpful

People often underestimate the amount of water and detergent they need when it comes to soft baby blankets, so it is important to use a higher size setting on your machine. Not only does this provide enough water, but it also gives your blanket the ability to move in the machine while being washed. 

That said, it is still important to use gentle detergents and fabric softeners. If it is possible, pre-dilute them for a better effect. This will not only protect the fabric; it will also save you money.

4. Bodily waste stains can still be removed

If you have pets or persistent stains on your blanket from urine and other bodily waste, fear not. You just need to respond quickly because cotton fibers are far more absorbent than synthetic fabrics. 

Soak the soft baby blanket in a mixture of warm water and vinegar overnight until the stain is removed. For more persistent stains, enzymatic pet and waste stain cleaners are available on the market for this very purpose.

Final thoughts

Cotton is far more comfortable than anything synthetic, and with proper care, can even outlast other types of blankets. So long as you keep these facts in mind, you might find that your baby’s soft cotton blanket can last years before needing to be replaced. 

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