5 Reasons to Carry Your Baby in a Ring Sling Carrier

Reasons to carry your baby in a ring sling carries

A mother will constantly want to keep her baby near. Whether it is to nurse them, rock them to sleep, or just for a quick cuddle, mothers always seem to find an excuse to cradle their baby in their arms. However, this can be hard work after some time. Babies are small, but they can get really heavy.

That’s why ring sling baby carriers are perfect for the job! These are convenient pouches that can hold a baby’s weight and keep a mom’s hands free to do other things. Ring slings can be adjusted as a baby grows, making them the best baby carrying product on the market.

However, some mothers complain that carrying their baby in a ring sling can hurt their shoulders, especially if worn for an extended period. Nevertheless, having one handy when you want to carry your baby can be beneficial in many ways, which we will go over below.

Reasons to Carry Your Baby in a Ring Sling

1 - Bonding Moments

Skin-to-skin contact is one of the most ideal ways to bond with your baby. Having them close as you carry them in a ring sling will allow you both to bond. They will be able to fall asleep faster if they are rocked by your movements, making their rest that much more satisfying.

2 - Reduce the Risk of Colic and Reflux

Babies who are carried in a ring sling will have a reduced risk of developing colic and reflux problems. Since they will be in an upright position, they will be able to keep the milk down in their tummies, where it belongs. They will also be able to develop their core and develop balance more quickly than babies who are not carried using a ring sling carrier.

3 - No Need to Worry About Flat Head Syndrome

Using a ring sling means that your baby will not be lying down on their back when they sleep or nurse, which will help avoid flat-head syndrome. You will not need to worry about shifting your baby’s head from side to side to avoid it because they will be safe in your arms.

4 - Keeps Babies Feeling Safe and Protected

Babies will feel safe and protected as they are in the ring sling. They have a natural instinct to fall asleep when swaddled, allowing them to rest more soundly. Mothers will also be able to nurse without using their hands, freeing their hands to cradle their baby and caress them as they fall asleep.

5 - Lightweight and Comfortable

Ring slings are more lightweight and comfortable than other types of baby carriers. The material used in these carriers is more breathable, making it better for both mother and child.


Ring sling carriers are a great way to bond with your baby. In many cases, babies want to stay near their mothers and feel their skin because they are not yet old enough to understand that they are two different individuals. In their mind, you are only one. Using a ring sling will help them feel safe and secure in your arms.

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