6 Reasons Why You Should Wear Your Baby

6 Reasons why you should wear your baby

Babies are cute and definitely a huge source of happiness, but they can be tiring to take care of, especially when a child demands being carried most of the time. If you find yourself frequently with tired arms because of long hours of holding your baby, there is an easier solution to this, and that is through babywearing!

Babywearing is the act of carrying your baby via a special carrier you attach to your body. However, this method isn’t new—it’s been used by Nomadic people to free their hands and keep their babies close to them when they’re traveling. 

If you haven’t tried babywearing yet, here are six reasons you should do so:

  1. It Prevents People From Touching Your Baby

    When you wear your baby, he or she will be close to your body and feel well-protected. That way, when people want to touch your baby, they will hesitate because the baby is close to you. This is important because babies are delicate, and you don’t know what people touched before they touch your baby – it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

  2. It Will Soothe Your Baby

    If you want your baby to cry less, wear him or her. Babywearing can reduce babies’ crying, especially during the night. Remember that babies just love being close to their parents, especially their mothers!

  3. It Can Help With Cognitive and Social Development

    When babies cry less, they will have more time to learn and interact with their environment. Additionally, they will be able to see what their parents see and be more involved in the lives of their parents. This simple act will positively impact their growth and development.

  4. It Allows You To Nurse Easily

    The first time you wear your baby will not be the most comfortable for both of you when it comes to nursing. However, it will only take some practice, and you will definitely get the hang of it. In fact, when you wear your child after some time, you will find it easier, and you can do it more discreetly as well.

  5. It Let You Have Free Hands

    With babywearing, you get to do other things around the house, such as doing chores, and you won’t have to worry about what your baby’s doing. This will also reduce the times you keep checking the baby monitor. That way, you’ll be able to accomplish more at home, and you get to have more time with your baby as well.

  6. It Helps You Bond More With Your Baby

    As mentioned, babywearing will let you spend more time with your baby. This is especially very important for parents who have busy schedules. When you wear your baby, you get that close interaction that will improve your relationships with your young one. 


It may seem strange when you hear the word “babywearing” the first time, but it will make lots of practical sense after knowing about it, as it’s a great solution for parents. With all of the reasons shared above, it’s time you get yourself a quality and sturdy carrier you can use to wear your baby. That way, you can go to many places more comfortably, get things done, and have more bonding moments with your child. Indeed, babywearing is a win-win situation for you and your baby!

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