Baby Blankets & Development: How It Helps Children - What to Know

How baby blankets help in development of children

An infant or a toddler's baby blanket is a major part of their young lives. They often cling to it as it gives them comfort and a sense of familiarity—something that is quite similar to the bond between a baby and their mother.

A soft baby blanket helps with babies by reducing their stress, something that you might not even be able to notice at first. As a parent, your initial thoughts on a baby blanket may be how cute or visibly attractive it is; however, there are a few things to consider about baby blankets and how it could aid in the development of your child.

Here are some things you need to know about the role of baby blankets for your child’s development:

The Baby Swaddling Blanket

It is generally the first type of blanket that your baby is going to be wrapped into. Baby swaddling blankets are the blankets used to wrap your baby right after they are birthed. The comfort that your baby experiences when they are swaddled is relatively similar to what they experienced as they were carried in the womb.

A great idea to keep in mind is that swaddling will be beneficial to you and your baby since it is a great bonding experience, along with the bonus of comforting your baby at the same time. If you swaddle your baby as they are about to sleep, the gentle coverage should be able to coax them into a more comfortable state, allowing them to relax. This then allows them to sleep even more deeply, making their rest even better! 

Allowing the baby to sleep comfortably is also a benefit in a way that you could also rest while the baby lays still.

The Baby Security Blanket

Your baby is going to inevitably grow up, which means that you should keep in mind that they will choose a very specific blanket to use as a security blanket. A baby's security blanket is understood as a way to develop your child's independence—which overall gives them self-confidence and courage as they grow older. It's good to note that having something aside from their parents as a comfort-giver is a sign that they are developing their individuality.

Parents often mistake a security blanket to be unhealthy—however, such attachments are considered normal for children. You should also keep in mind that a child could also have some different item as a comforting mechanism. It could easily be their favorite stuffed animal or even an old toy figure.

A Visually Stimulating Baby Blanket

Finding a visually stimulating baby blanket may be able to help aid with developing your baby and their cognitive functions. This is also something that factors into why babies always choose a specific blanket; their favorites are commonly chosen thanks to the feel of the material—something very soft or comfortingly-textured could attract them. Aside from the feel, even something as simple as having a silky border could make it or break it for a child.

There have been many studies that have found out the importance of such blankets and how they factor into the baby's early development. As they grow up, however, the time will come where they will leave this item behind as they mature further. Another way to support your baby is to allow them to move on at their own pace—rushing your baby and their many phases could affect their judgment and pace of maturity.


It’s important to find a blanket that is soft and comfortable so that it won’t chafe against your child’s sensitive skin. The best baby blankets are usually made out of fleece and polyester because they retain warmth well and give that snuggly feeling. Cotton gauze is also a good option in case you are looking for a fabric that is lighter and more breathable. 

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