First-time Mothers’ Guide to Swaddling a Baby - What To Know

First-time Mothers’ Guide to Swaddling a Baby - What To Know

Having your first baby is a truly exciting yet overwhelming time. As much as you are thrilled to finally be able to carry your child in your arms, there’s honestly a lot of adjusting and learning to be done. The changes can be quite drastic as well, whether it be adjusting to your newborn’s unpredictable sleeping schedule or having little to no alone time. 

Aside from these, you are also in that period of learning new things, like swaddling. 

You may have first seen this at the hospital as nurses snuggly swathe your little one in a blanket. At first look, this may seem like simply wrapping him in a bundle. However, you should know that there’s more to swaddling than this. 

In the sections below, you’ll get to know more about this practice, such as how you can do it on your own and why it’s worth doing.

How to Properly Swaddle Your Baby

When it’s time to do it on your own, swaddling may seem like a complicated task—but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these simple instructions to swaddle your little one properly:

  1. Spread out a soft baby blanket on a flat surface. Lay it down in such a way that it is positioned in a diamond shape with the bottom edge pointing towards you.

  2. Fold down the top edge of the blanket. Then, place your baby on top of the blanket; his shoulder must be slightly below the fold you made. His feet must be pointing towards you.

  3. Place your baby’s right arm next to his body, slightly bending it. Then, pull the right side of the blanket up and over this arm. Finish by tucking it underneath your baby.

  4. Work on the bottom edge of the swaddling blanket next by folding it up over your baby’s feet. You may tuck it behind his shoulder if it is long enough.

  5. Complete the swaddle by pulling the remaining side of the blanket—the left side—up and over his left arm and across the body. 

Reasons to Swaddle Your Baby

At first, swaddling your baby every time he goes to sleep may seem like a lot of work. It can be even more challenging if you are still getting the hang of working with the blankets. 

Nevertheless, you should know that there are plenty of reasons why swaddling is worth your time and effort. Primarily, wrapping a blanket snuggly around your baby soothes him, helping him adjust to the life outside the womb. Consequently, this helps him calm down and sleep well. Aside from this, there are other great reasons to swaddle your baby.

First, it protects your baby against the natural startle reflex and helps him sleep better. Also called Moro reflex, this is an involuntary response that your baby does when startled by a loud noise, a sudden movement, or a falling sensation.

Second, it helps keep your baby’s hand off his face when asleep. This is effective in preventing him from scratching himself and causing various kinds of discomfort.

Ultimately, it helps your baby learn to self-soothe. Swaddling imitates your touch, helping him overcome anxiety and adjust to his new environment. As a result, your baby is able to sleep longer and better.


As much as you are adapting to that new chapter of your life, your baby is also adjusting to the new environment around him. Swaddling him helps in this adjustment period and lets him get a good night’s sleep. It is for this reason that learning how to swaddle properly is essential. In the end, you will also find that helping your baby sleep better will allow you to do the same! 

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