Why Try Swaddling, 5 Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

Benefits of swaddling your baby

If you are reading this, you have probably heard of swaddling but may be unsure whether it is a good practice for your baby. Swaddling is the act of wrapping your infant or newborn in bands or secure clothes. The practice has been around for thousands of years, and every culture has unique techniques and beliefs related to swaddling. However, the common thread between them is the many benefits it provides for a baby.

Why Swaddling Is An Effective Way to Provide Comfort to Your Baby

Swaddling can help soothe and put babies to sleep. Some studies say that swaddled babies enjoy more restful and longer sleep than those that aren’t. The practice may even also promote a more stable heart rate. Besides these significant benefits, here are the other scientific-based reasons swaddling is something you should try for your infant.

#1 It mimics your womb

Your baby has lived inside your womb for about nine months. During that time, they got used to the cozy environment inside your uterus. For most babies, being in the external world for the first time may be strange and difficult. Swaddling helps reduce that stress, as it recreates the tight fit they got accustomed to inside your belly. It offers the perfect transition they need as they switch from your uterus to the external world.

#2 It helps regulate your baby’s temperature

Compared to adults, babies lose body heat rapidly, up to four times quicker. This is more prevalent in infants who were born prematurely or with low birth weight, making it difficult for their body to regulate their temperature, even when put in a warm environment.

Swaddling can provide them with the right amount of heat to keep them from feeling cold. Just make sure to measure your room temperature before doing so. Choose the correct fabric to ensure that your baby is always comfortable.

#3 It imitates your touch

Research has shown that intentional and gentle touch has positive neurological benefits, especially to young, developing infants. Infant massages can also help your baby feel loved, accepted, and safe. A snug swaddle somehow mimics the feeling of being held. It provides continuous touch and support that babies need to sleep quicker, longer, and consistently throughout the day.

#4 It calms down your baby’s startle reflex

Some babies have an involuntary startle response called the Moro reflex. It causes them to cry, throw their heads back, or pull their limbs into their bodies because they feel as though they are falling. While this reflex is quite normal for babies, it can interrupt their sleep. You can help calm your babies when they experience the Moro reflex through swaddling, as it effectively regulates the effects.

#5 It makes babies happy

Swaddling is an effective way to keep your baby in a relaxed state. When they feel calm and are in a comfortable position and environment, they become happy. Moreover, a calm and sleeping baby can also make you a happy mommy or daddy.


Putting your baby in a swaddle has many benefits. When done correctly, it is safe and effective. Make sure that you do it the right way and use the best quality swaddle to ensure your baby’s relaxation and comfort.

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