Why Your Baby Needs a Security Blanket While Growing Up

Why your baby needs a security blanket

As a parent, you want to make the life of your baby as comfortable as possible. Doing so not only benefits your little bundle of joy—but since they have fewer reasons to cry, you will avoid feeling stressed out too! One way you can keep your child preoccupied is by introducing a security blanket.

A toddler blanket plays a vital role in making sure your baby grows up without encountering too many problems—especially when all you want to do is get some rest after a long day of watching over them!

Aside from having baby bottles, toys, diapers, and all the other baby stuff you need to take care of your child, having a blanket is an essential item. Keep reading below to find out the reasons your baby needs to acquire a security blanket. 

It Provides Comfort and Assurance 

Getting a security blanket offers comfort to your baby—and makes your job as a parent a lot easier to deal with too. This basic item assures you that when your child has it with them, it’s a sign for your child to fall into a deep slumber sooner or later! That way, you don’t have to spend hours waiting for your baby to doze off without having to tire them out first. 

It would help if you gave their blanket a name so that they’re more familiar with it. Giving their security blanket a personality improves the likelihood of them asking for the item—slowly growing their attachment with it. 

It Reduces Separation Anxiety 

When your child reaches seven months of age, you will start to notice their separation anxiety develop as an indication that they’re becoming more aware of their surroundings. It’s also the time when your baby has more chances of waking you up in the middle of the night because they’re scared and need you near them. 

That’s why it’s essential to bring out a security blanket when they’re at least three months old to instill it in their memories and grow attached to it over time. Doing so diverts their attention away from you and onto the blanket for comfort.  

It Offers Them a Sense of Security

A baby blanket can smell familiar to your child, so they’ll want to keep it close and hold it at all times. You won’t have difficulty putting your baby to sleep if they have their security blanket on-hand, even if they aren’t in their comfortable bed.  

Besides that, babies tend to get restless and fussy, especially if they’re in a place that’s unknown to them. Holding a soft baby blanket can put them at ease, mainly because they know they’re safe so long as they have their security blanket!

How to Pick the Right Baby Blanket 

Get a Soft Material 

Your baby will appreciate anything soft and feels good against their skin. As much as possible, the security blanket you pick should be made from cotton, preferably organic, to guarantee it hasn’t come into contact with potential toxins that could harm your child. 

Choose Sustainable Options

Since you can expect your baby to put anything they hold in their mouth most of the time, their blanket included, it would be helpful to visit a baby store that offers eco-friendly products. The material of the blanket should be free from chemicals and, if possible, made with water-based inks.  

Consider Buying a Backup 

Once your baby grows attached to the blanket, you will have a hard time putting it in the laundry to clean it up. That’s why you will need to purchase a similar backup security blanket to avoid your child from going out of control!  


Aside from having all your baby’s necessities, a security blanket is a great addition to their things. Remember that a baby blanket offers comfort and assurance, reduces separation anxiety, and provides a sense of security to your little angel, so it’s something to consider purchasing to keep everyone happy and sleeping soundly each night. 

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