Handwoven handbag and throw blanket by Mamoyo

Natural Handbag

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These handbags are hand-woven with palm leaves, so each has its own character and subtle color variation. They are durable and are ethically and sustainably made.


We are so honored to support Richard and Precious, a Zimbabwean husband and wife, who so incredibly make these baskets by hand. Richard was a teacher in Zimbabwe before the economic crisis forced them to seek opportunity elsewhere. Now based in South Africa, they create these baskets as a way to not only put food on the table, but also to help pay for their children's' education.

We always strive to be as true to the original design as possible. However, as with most handmade items, they each carry its own set of unique differences. These handwoven goods are just as unique as each of the ladies who have created them. Dimensions may vary ever so slightly.